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Gambrinus Liga Trophy

Shining and original. The trophy for Gambrinus liga champion

Its creation was preceeded by countless number of sketches, wealth of ideas and two months of intensive craft work. The end product is definitely worth it. New, shiny and unique. League Football Association (LFA) has decided to create and hand out a new trophy for Gambrinus liga champion in the 20th season since the formation of top level league in the Czech Republic.  

„We are giving Gambrinus liga many presents for this anniversary and this is one of the biggest. We don´t want to forget the history, so the shape of the trophy is inspired by the previous one. I believe not only fans will like it, but also the clubs and their players. They now have an opportunity to fight for this trophy,“ said Dušan Svoboda, chairman of the League Football Association, during the official presentation.

The trophy is 700 mm tall and 521 mm wide with a weight of almost 11 kilograms without a pedestal. The weight adds to the respectability of the new trophy. 

„The new trophy is a beautiful gift for the 20th anniversary of Gambrinus liga. It is yet another step to increase the popularity of football in the Czech Republic. As a general partner, we support this process and try to be part of it as much as possible. That´s why we also work on a more interesting schedule for the league champion during their celebration,“ comments Miroslav Peichl, manager of Plzeňský Prazdroj.

Natálie Chalcarzová, absolvent of the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University in Brno, has taken care of the trophy design in a sculpture studio under the guidance of Michal Gabriel.

„Before we did the sketching, we analyzed trophies from various European football competitions. I decided to choose a cleaner version of a basic sports trophy. There was no need to develop anything complicated, the concept of harmony of curves was developed already in ancient Greece. There´s beauty in simplicity. The trophy itself stands on a piedestal with names of past champions,“ says the talented artist.

The design came to reality thanks to Mr. Milan Zdeněk. His studio in the north of Bohemia worked on the trophy for several weeks, supervised by Vladimír Židlický from Atelier Židlický.

„Based on sketches and technical drawings, the lasts for an extrusion for each part of the trophy were created. Founders had to create several pieces out of the bronze material, such as handles and the FA logo. The trophy itself is from brass. At the very end, the trophy is extensively polished. The whole production took about two months to complete,“ describes Milan Zdeněk.